Rachel G.

I walk in almost daily into Chantal Perron’s space, GOA Pilates, and wonder how she has managed to imbue it with such warmth, vitality and a feeling of family. I’ve always exercised and have been in gyms in every city I’ve lived in. Exercise is part of my being. 

I know I am in an exceptional place here. Chantal has instilled her magic into each of her carefully selected instructors who are fully committed to understanding each person’s physical weaknesses and strengths, quirks and habits. I wonder whether Chantal’s excellence and passion as a teacher and her contagious trust in awakening the healing powers of the body through consistent and careful work comes from her own self-rehabilitation from unfortunate circumstances that would have crippled anyone else in her place.  Every class is an exploration and keeps me in touch with my body, and strangely, with my mind as well. She knows exactly how to inspire each one of us individually in her classes by guiding us to do our very best within our own level and capacity. Chantal brings the freshness, the rigor and the art of her dancing experience into her classes. With her incredible warmth and humanity, she leads by example. To me, she is so much more than a trainer and Pilates instructor. Through who she is and through what she makes of her surroundings, she is also a beautiful life coach. I feel privileged to have her and GOA Pilates in my life.

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